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K.N. Chimbiri

K.N. Chimbiri was born in London, England, in 1968 to immigrant parents from Barbados. She is the elder of two sisters. Although they did not have a lot of money, her parents always found a way to give their daughters any book they asked for. The family moved back to Barbados where the author lived until 1994.

During her secondary school days in Barbados, Kandace developed her life-long passion for Black History. Motivated by a desire to help encourage children’s literacy as well as knowledge of Black contributions to world history, she founded her own publishing house, Golden Destiny Ltd, in 2009.

Her children’s books focus on little-known aspects of Black history because:

“History is about what people have achieved and contributed to the world, not just about what has been done to them. Too many people think enslavement is Black history!”

She has given talks on the ancient Nile Valley at museums in London and Barbados and has appeared in the award-winning documentary Nubian Spirit: The African Legacy of the Nile Valley (2008).

Her books include Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush, and The Story of Early Ancient Egypt.

K.N. Chimbiri currently lives in London. Her favourite dishes are Caribbean all-chicken roti, and rice & peas with Bajan-style flying fish.

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