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My name is Kingsley, I cannot say how/why I started growing my locks, but around 2000 I was plaiting cornroll and for some reason or other I started my locks. It has been almost 12 years now, long to my stomach/chest level. Maybe since my secondary school days at 11 years old I had the nickname Rasmoo by one of my senior’s at school. I have for the past years I have been keen about my hair, making sure I use the best shampoos, conditioners and hair products, up until July 2013, when I was imprisoned.

My hair is my pride which I cherish as my natural hair and I look at it and sometimes can recall my stages in life; my troubles, heartaches, joy, happiness, fatherhood and all life brings. I usually wash it every 3 weeks, and retwist it again, which keeps the bottom strong and grows the hair in its richness, niceness and length.

It’s always good and nice to hear the comments I get about my hair from friends, strangers who admire what I have worked for in years. My good and nice moments also are my little children as babies and toddlers pulling my long hair and playing with daddy’s hair always. I must say it hurts but I do enjoy it.

For the first time in months in prison at the salon I had it washed, dried and creamed the salon way and I am grateful about that. It felt so nice even to know the salon’s tutor’s first experience with locks and I must say she did it well and to the best of her ability. I admire her dedication to her work and as a stylist she took time to know how my locks is always done on the outside. Even with few products and lack of bee wax cream she did a good job. My respect to her and all the salon staff. Jah guide and bless.

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